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Bills’ Josh Allen, Sean McDermott sport Buffalo Braves gear

Bills quarterback Josh Allen continues to endear himself to Western New York sports fans. He arrived for Sunday’s season finale at New Era Field wearing a Buffalo Braves jersey with his No. 17 and name on the back.

The jersey is the style that the Los Angeles Clippers are wearing a few times this season that harkens back to their original days before moving to San Diego and then Los Angeles.

Allen also arrived with Buffalo Bandits hat.

He wore the jersey and hat in his postgame news conference.

Bills coach Sean McDermott did a pregame interview with CBS while wearing a Buffalo Braves hoodie.

The Braves, of course, have been gone for 40 years, but the memories remain.

Lamar Jackson fever has hit NFL, but Ravens’ QB won’t change temperature of game

Patrick Mahomes was a central fixture in the football constellation last season, the type of quarterback every NFL team should covet.

He wasn’t just the playmaking leader of the Kansas City Chiefs, he was treated like a fifth Beatle and an undeniable Starr — part Bart, part Ringo.

Not much has changed about Mahomes. He’s still a terrific player, still the unquestioned leader of the AFC West champion Chiefs. But if he were to throw a no-look pass, would it lead “SportsCenter? “Probably not. People have grown accustomed to seeing him complete those.

Been there, gunned that.

The juggernaut du jour resides in Baltimore, where Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has reinvented the game, or so it seems. A sports-talk host asked this week, “Will Baltimore ever lose another game?” and, in light of all the hype, some might consider that a legitimate question.

Jackson is locked in as the next most valuable player, and for good reason. The Baltimore Sun made a compelling statistical case this week that his season could be the greatest of any NFL quarterback.

There was no calling an audible and giving somebody a Jackson jersey for Christmas. In the days leading up to that holiday, all of those were sold out on the team’s website, as was every item advertised on Jackson’s personal website,

Without question, the spotlight has swung from Kansas City to Baltimore, and there’s a new flavor of the month. That’s not discounting what Jackson has done, only an acknowledgment that the next big trend is always just around the corner.

Consider all the players and events in recent years that were predicted to fundamentally change football.

There was Robert Griffin III as a Washington Redskins rookie — he’s now backing up Jackson in Baltimore — Colin Kaepernick during the height of the Jim Harbaugh era in San Francisco, the “Legion of Boom” secondary in Seattle, Sean McVay’s offense with the Rams and his oversized impact on the coaching world … each one was the talk of the league at one point or another.

Each was going to “change the game.”

If the game changed at all after those, it was a subtle tweak as opposed to a seismic shift.

So all the talk about this being the golden age of dual-threat quarterbacks — Jackson, Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray — doesn’t mean every team is going to move in that direction. What’s more, it doesn’t mean that clubs suddenly are going to view it as a negative if a quarterback has a prototypical 6-foot-5 build.

Jackson is phenomenal, and he could lead Baltimore to their third Super Bowl title. The Ravens are 19-3 with him as their starter, and his 19 victories since Week 11 of last season ranks as the most among all starting quarterbacks.

Jackson is the only NFL quarterback to produce at least 3,000 yards passing and 1,000 rushing in a season, and he’s at 1,206 on the ground.

That said, it often takes defenses a while to catch up with offenses, and yet they eventually do.

Some teams will play Jackson differently next season than they played him this year, and that will bump up the degree of difficulty for him. The pieces around him will change, and injuries can take a greater toll at times. Look at the way the Rams changed, for instance, when they no longer had a healthy offensive line.

This is Jackson’s time in the spotlight. That stay could be long or brief. But if history is a guide, Jackson probably won’t have as profound an effect on offenses as some might predict. He’s an ultra-rare talent, so a lot of this stuff won’t be repeatable with another player plugged in.

The spotlight will swing somewhere else, maybe next season.

It’s a truism in a league where the shiny new object that matters most isn’t an individual player or a scheme, but a glistening trophy.

Zidane asks for patience after Real Madrid held by Athletic Bilbao

Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane called for patience after his side lost ground at the top of LaLiga following a frustrating goalless draw against Athletic Bilbao at the Bernabeu.

Barcelona had gone into the Christmas break on the back of Saturday’s 4-1 win over Alaves to keep the pressure on in the title battle.

After El Clasico finished 0-0 in midweek, failure to find a breakthrough against a resolute Bilbao side – hitting the woodwork on three occasions – meant Los Blancos recorded successive goalless draws in the league for the first time since 2006.

Zidane’s men are now once again two points behind their rivals, but the Frenchman is confident the goals and results will soon come again when action resumes in January.

“I am very disappointed for my players and their effort. They have made a great game, but they have missed getting a goal again,” the Real Madrid boss said.

“We had three or four chances, but this is football and there are runs. You have to be calm because the work has been phenomenal again.”

Zidane told a press conference: “I am very happy for the evolution of the team. We had difficulties at the beginning (of the season), but we are much better – and we are strong defensively.

“Today we lacked a goal, but the important thing is to create occasions. We are going to change this in 2020.”

Quizzed on if Madrid need more attacking reinforcements in January after a run of three goals from their last four league games, Zidane insisted: “No, absolutely not.

“It’s streaks, it’s only two games we haven’t scored. When we get back to winning, we’re going to get over it, with peace of mind. In the end, we don’t need anything. We need to get on with what we’re doing.”

Bilbao – who had not won a LaLiga game at the Bernabeu for almost 15 years – threatened when Inaki Williams held off Militao to send a low shot towards the bottom corner, which Thibaut Courtois palmed past the post.

Mikel Vesga picked out Kenan Kodro, who drilled the ball past Courtois into the top corner – only for the goal to be ruled out by what looked a marginal offside decision.

Madrid upped the tempo following the restart but continued to face a resolute Bilbao rearguard.

With three minutes left, substitute Luka Jovic saw his downward header from Dani Carvajal’s cross clip the inside of the post and bounce out as Bilbao held on.

Visiting manager Gaizka Garitano told reporters: “To get something here you also have to have some luck, but we have finished the game very well.

“In the second half I liked what we have done more. The work of the group has been very good.

“We have to improve and keep growing. We are working as much as we can. We have to improve away from home because in San Mames we are very well. As it is Real Madrid, this point has a lot of merit.”

A design expert and an idiot review ‘The Simpsons’ themed hockey jerseys

The Springfield Thunderbirds of the AHL are making a big play to get Springfield, Massachusetts recognized as the true Springfield to coincide with the 30th anniversary of The Simpsons.

The jerseys will be used as part of a promotional night on February 1st where the team will be renamed the “Ice-O-Topes,” in honor of the sports franchise of the same name in the show. The first look at the jerseys is astonishing. The bright yellow is eye-catching, the donut accents are a bold touch — but how good are these uniforms really?

It’s time for Tyson Whiting, Senior Designer at SB Nation and a design expert to review these for their worth alongside me, James Dator — resident design idiot.
Tyson, an expert:

Color: Right off the bat, the colors were the first thing that hooked me. They are SO strong. The yellow, the soft light blue, the pink! The color carries this jersey and drives home the Simpsons vibe. Maybe I am just a suckers for a nice deep yellow. Oh my god the socks are so good too!

Layout: I love the center stripe because it highlights the logo really well. The number on the sleeve sits nicely on there too. I feel as though the bottom stripes could have gone with one or the other. The detail on both compete in the hierarchy, and creates a slight distraction. I’d personally stick with the donut pink stripe, but I would make the sprinkles feel more random and less uniform. The horizontal sprinkles feel unnatural, and tad forced. The neck design on this jersey is unique and simple and considered with its blue tones. I wanted to mention it because something like that goes unnoticed and it is very nice.

Logo: I love this logo. Everything plays nicely together. I’d maaaaybe make the electric bolts a little bigger, but not totally necessary. I prefer the jersey logo where the center (nucleus?) is just a pink dot, and not a donut. I see what they are doing there to really drive home the Simpsons theme but it gets back into the idea that too much detail on a logo makes it busy. I don’t hate the donut when all is said and done though. It might not have needed the white boarder around it, but I can take it or leave it. Boarders tend to make things feel trapped but I don’t think it goes that far here. It is a nice logo considering what it is trying to do. It pays homage to the original logo and also the Simpsons as a whole.

Alt Logo: This logo knocks it out of the park. The remake of their usual logo in the Simpson style is clever and perfectly executed.

Overall thoughts: I picked at a few subjective details and I think it was fair considering how awesome this jersey is technically overall. If I was a T-Bird fan I’d buy this so fast (Hershey Bears fan here!) Everything goes together so well and does an incredible job at being one of those “theme night” jerseys without looking like hot trash. Because, we all know “themed” jerseys are all trash and I stand by it. I love hockey. I love The Simpsons. I love this jersey.
James, an idiot:

Color: I’m getting some SERIOUS Nick At Nite nostalgia vibes here which I’m super into. I know this is for The Simpsons, one of my favorite shows of all time — but this has a serious Hey Arnold! feel too, which I’m into. I personally don’t think I can pull off yellow, but if i had to wear yellow it would be this yellow.

Layout: There is so much going on and I’m here for it. I know Tyson thinks it’s a little busy, but when I’m looking for a tacky-ass theme jersey I’d rather it go all the way and blow me away with just how much it all is. I like donuts. I’m less of a fan of radiation since watching Chernobyl, but I can still get down with everything this jersey is giving me.

Logo: “Yassssssss!” is pretty much my only reaction here. I love the typical atom design with the donut at the center because it confirms my personal bias that donuts should be at the center of everything. This might sound weird when we’re talking about a tacky theme jersey, but there’s something almost classy about the logo. It looks like it could be a real logo a team is using seriously (and not just for a theme night) aside from the donut. I really like the juxtaposition.

Alt logo: I’m a tad bit disturbed the bird has Homer’s hair because it creates a fanfic rabbit hole I don’t want to travel down. Otherwise it’s perfect. This was either done by an actual Simpsons’ artist, or a really, really good facsimile of one.

Overall thoughts: I really want to buy one of these jerseys. I wish the team had gone for “Isotopes,” which the show uses for the minor league baseball team — rather than the extremely on the nose “Ice-O-Topes,” which was notably in the hockey episode, but I like it decidedly less. Really that’s a pretty minor quibble. This is the best theme jersey I have ever seen in any sport, and that is an astonishing accomplishment for any team.

Tom Brady Will Send Jersey to Joe Mixon After RB Admitted He Was ‘Too Scared’ to Ask

Joe Mixon met Tom Brady on Sunday following the Patriots’ 34-13 win over the Bengals. But in the midst of meeting one of the NFL’s all-time greats, the 23-year-old running back got cold feet and failed to ask for the six-time Super Bowl champ’s jersey.

Brady said he saw the tweet from Mixon on Sunday night and was flattered.

“I’m going to send him one, because I saw that last night. It was pretty cool,” the 42-year-old QB said Monday morning in his weekly interview on sports radio WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show.”

“He was like, ‘Great player, hell of a runner,'” Mixon told reporters of his experience meeting Brady. “I was like, ‘Dang, that’s Tom Brady that said that.’ I appreciate that. I was like, ‘Good job, keep being you, keep being great.'”

While the Bengals appear on track to claim the NFL’s top overall draft pick, Mixon is closing in on his second straight 1,000-plus yard rushing season in three years.

He needs just 75 yards to reach the four-digit mark and will presumably have two chances to do so as Cincy squares off against the Dolphins and Browns in Weeks 16 and 17, respectively.

And if reaching 1,000 rushing yards wasn’t enough, the Oklahoma product appears to be getting an extra-special holiday gift too.

NFL brothers swap jerseys after Buffalo Bills clinch playoff spot in win over Pittsburgh Steelers

The game between the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night featured a little bit of history as a trio of brothers played in the same game for the first time since 1927.

Trey and Terrell Edmunds play for the Steelers while brother Tremaine plays for the Bills.

They were the first band of brothers to appear in the same NFL game since Joe, Cobb and Bill Rooney all played for the Duluth Eskimos in 1927, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

The brothers were spotted taking a photo before kickoff.

While the Bills defeated the Steelers 17-10 to clinch an AFC playoff spot, the brothers all swapped jerseys at the end of the game.

At one point, the NBC broadcast panned to their parents Felicia and Ferrell Edmunds, who were sitting in the stands decked out in Steelers and Bills gear.

Ferrell Edmunds played tight end for the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks from 1988 to 1994. He was a two-time Pro Bowler and had 12 touchdowns in his career.

Trey Edmunds has gotten some significant playing time with the Steelers this season. He’s rushed for 92 yards and 22 carries and has two rushing touchdowns this season. He was added to the Steelers’ practice squad in 2018 and was activated to the main roster last December.

The Steelers selected safety Terrell Edmunds with the No. 28 pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. He’s played in 29 games over his first two seasons. He has one interception and 172 combined tackles over those games.

Tremaine Edmunds also entered the league during the 2018 season. He was selected with the No. 16 pick by the Bills last year. He has played in 28 games for Buffalo and has recorded three interceptions and 226 combined tackles.

Tremaine and Terrell played together at Virginia Tech and made history by becoming the first brothers to be selected in the first round of the same draft. Trey also played at Virginia Tech but finished his collegiate career at Maryland.

Lamar Jackson Jerseys Are So Popular They Are Starting To Sell Out

If you’re wanting to get on the Ravens bandwagon and buy a Lamar Jackson jersey, you may have to look hard for one.

Many Ravens fans are reporting that Jackson jerseys in sizes S-XL are sold out in stores and online and may not be restocked in time for Christmas.

WJZ’s Paul Gessler was at Poor Boys Sports in Dundalk Friday, where the only no. 8 jerseys they had were in youth sizes.

Anything with Lamar on it is a hot seller, retailers say.

On (Fanatics), they only have men’s jerseys in 3XL and women’s in small only.

Stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods are also out of popular sizes. Online you can buy a Nike’s men’s no. 8 jersey in only XL and 3XL.

Even if you can’t support Jackson, you can still show off your Ravens pride with other gear.

Fans are buying anything purple, lights for their yard and new gear with the AFC North title win on it, said Poor Boys owner Mike Tyson.

The purple and black are keeping retail stores busy; Poor Boys said it’s their best season in years.

MLB players to sport Nike swoosh on front of jerseys in 2020

Baseball is going swoosh. Nike’s famed logo will appear on the upper right chest of all 30 Major League Baseball team jerseys starting in March. The placement is in a far more prominent position than the Majestic Athletic logo previously stitched onto player sleeves.

The new jersey placement is part of a 10-year agreement announced last January that replaced an earlier deal announced with Under Armour to take over from Majestic. Online sportswear retailer Fanatics will manufacture and distribute licensed Nike Major League Baseball uniforms and training wear to consumers.

Majestic had manufactured MLB batting practice jerseys since 1982 and had been the exclusive supplier of game uniforms since 2005. Before that, uniforms were manufactured by Majestic, Russell Athletic and Rawlings.

MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. said in January that Nike is the ideal new partner for jerseys because the company has a “global brand and reputation as a leader in driving innovation.”

As part of the jersey deal, the league will promote Nike products on MLB’s website, social media platforms and television network.

Jersey presence isn’t Nike’s only tie to professional baseball: The company has endorsements with more than 500 players — including some in the minor league.

Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout, Cleveland Indians third baseman José Ramírez and Chicago Cub shortstop Javier Báez all have cleat endorsements with Nike, although details about their individual deals haven’t been made public.

Other professional sports leagues, including Major League Soccer and the National Basketball Association, allow company logos on their player jerseys. The trend has so far eluded the National Football League.

Man stole soccer jerseys from Cork city sports shop

A man stole three soccer jerseys from a sports shop in Cork city and today it emerged he had five previous theft convictions.

Patrick McCabe, aged 39, of 17 Illen Court, Togher, Cork, pleaded guilty to the theft of three jerseys with a total value of €210 at Lifestyle Sports in Cork city on October 5, 2018.

Inspector Paul Murphy said the accused went into the store on that date, selected the three jerseys and left without paying for them.

“He placed them in a tinfoil-lined back in order to evade security when leaving the premises,” Inspector Murphy said.

A store detective observed the theft on CCTV and stopped him outside.

Gardaí were called and the accused man remained at the scene where he admitted leaving the store without paying for the soccer jerseys.

Insp. Murphy said he had five previous convictions for theft and five for public order offences. He said the last theft conviction was 2017 and there were two before that in 2010.

Diarmuid Kelleher, solicitor, said the defendant’s mental health was declining at the time. Mr Kelleher said the 39-year-old also had physical health problems.

The solicitor said the defendant was on a plethora of medication at the time but that the medication had since been changed with better effect.

Mr Kelleher also said the property had been recovered.

Judge Con O’Leary convicted and fined him €100 on the theft charge.

In relation to the foil-lined bag adapted for use in the course of the theft, McCabe also pleaded guilty to that. Judge O’Leary said he would take that charge into consideration.

Baseball fans are furious about the Nike logo on the new MLB jerseys

Every MLB team will have a noticeable uniform change this coming season, and it won’t be too difficult to miss.

Nike will be the official on-field uniform supplier for Major League Baseball, taking over a role that Majestic Athletic had held since 2004. And while Majestic was evidently content with a discreet company logo on the sleeve, Nike — as you should expect — is going a different direction.


That’s right. Every MLB jersey will have the Nike logo on the front of the jersey. From the Miami Marlins to the New York Yankees, no team was able to avoid supplying Nike with premium real estate on the jersey.

And sure, it’s just a logo, and manufacturer logos get similar placement in the NBA, college sports and, oh, every major soccer league. Only the NFL relegated the swoosh to the sleeves.

But baseball is a game that clings irrationally to tradition. It managed to avoid a major corporate presence on uniforms for a century until the New Era logo’s addition to the caps sparked a mini-meltdown a couple years ago. So, it came as no surprise that MLB fans weren’t particularly pleased with the swoosh’s place on the front of the jersey.

Put the swoosh on the sleeve…doesn’t look professional enough for the New York Yankees organization. Steinbrenner would say the same thing.


Would the Nike logo look better on the sleeves? Yes. Will fans eventually get used to it? Also, yes.